imago was an independent motion graphics platform and studio run between 2004–2012 by designer Çiğdem Keresteci and director/animator Quba Michalski.

We developed concepts and scenarios, directed, illustrated, photographed, filmed and animateed. We designed, we composeed, we scripted, rendered and edited. When it came to motion graphics, we did it all and we just loved it.

Our works open three concecutive editions of Adobe’s Customer Reel DVDs, our pieces have been included in official selections in various festivals around the world (from Singapore, through Berlin to Chicago and Sao Paulo).

Now go ahead, hop onto the reel and works sections and see some of the things we did.


In 2012, imago shut its door. The studio is now closed. Quba and Çiğdem are still together, but moved onto new professional ventures. Check out the links in blogs&more panel on the right to see what we do now.

Here is the final reel we put together at the end of its activity: imago reel 2012.







By the way, if you came here in search of our cute animal wallpapers, older works and downloads, you can still find them in the version 1 of the site, archived here.


After nearly a decade, imago has closed its doors in 2012. Check out the links below to see what we moved on to do.

Quba Michalski does tons of cool Extended Reality stuff. This is his site.

Chi Chi Land
Çiğdem Michalski creates awesome illustrations, art and products. You can see them at the link above.

Quba's Twitter
Follow Quba's twitter updates here.

Çiğdem on Twitter
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We had a good run (2004–2012) but imago is now closed.

If you still need to get in touch, this old email is still active: