One Man Show

One Man Show

Just like "iWin", the "One Man Show" was created for the "See what's possible" competition organized by Adobe and Cut&Paste.

The title of this piece has nothing to do with its content. Instead, the name originates from the fact that this video was conceived, designed, directed, edited, animated and even scored by a single person (that would be Quba).

The piece itself is more of a collection of visual effects, rather than a coherent storyline. It features some of the tricks we have developed on our spare time and never had the chance to use before.

The field of grass in the opening scene of the video is a testimony to the hidden power of After Effects. The entire meadow was constructed from a single grass blade duplicated several hundred thousand times using a particle effect. The original blade of grass, in turn, is nothing else but a single copy of one of Photoshop's preset brushes. The grass field fully responds to depth of field changes, sways in the wind and basically achieves similar fidelity to what would usually be created in a high-end 3D package.

The main character of the video has been photographed in a series of rapid-succession 8 megapixel shots and then converted to a video through morphing frames into one another. Rapid changes from one frame to another resulted in exaggerated motion blur, giving the character a paranormal and disturbing appearance.


One Man Show




Design, Sound, Photography & Animation
Quba Michalski

Alex Waldman

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects



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