Everyday People

Everyday People

This 15-second Spring filler created for S'NEK channel is one of most well-known pieces of we made. It has been featured on several motion graphics festivals and magazines around the world. It also opens the 2006-2007 edition of Adobe's Customer Reel DVD.

The concept behind the piece was to show how diverse are the people who tune into and watch S'NEK.

We started with a self-imposed design boundary: All of the characters were to be created based on a very simple geometric template - the same approach we took when designing the identity for the channel itself. By adding simple elements, we started transforming the original template character into a variety of individuals from different walks of life.

We came close to a hundred characters (including adults, children and even animals) during the design process. Some of them can be seen in the extras section below. Six groups made it to the final piece - mainly due to the 15-second time limit we had. We never got around to doing a sequel, but we have enough materials for several or them.

The animation was inspired by the mechanical schedule boards still present in some of the older airports. We have just completed the identity package for the channel, and after several months of non-stop work we were really itching to go on holiday.


Everyday People




Concept & Design
Çiğdem Keresteci

Quba Michalski

Music & SFX
Dağhan Kök (Retronic)

Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, After Effects



Original cast