gnctrkcll / Cornetto

gnctrkcll / Cornetto

If we were to say just one thing about the making of this ad, we'd describe it as an extreme exercise in hardcore project management.

We were approached by Leo Burnett with two frames of a character design art, a concept for an ad with an animated t-shirt and 6 days to air time. We took the bait. Now, less than a week later, we are happy to present to you the latest ad for a joint promotion of Turkcell's gnctrkcll and Algida's Cornetto.

The tight deadline really pushed our two-person studio to the limit. We have worked with a Greek character designer, local photographer and cell animators, while juggling 3D elements delivered to us by two other studios responsible for the brand identity. The project was a mix of editing, keying, rotoscoping, tracking, cell and particle animations.

Behind the scenes, we were also simultaneously doing pre-production work on the sequel and three shorter spots for the cinema - the animations we started working on as soon as the final render of this one left the studio. All these were completed in the week following the release of the first ad.


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Turkcell / Algida

Leo Burnett

Directed by
Quba Michalski

Çiğdem Keresteci

Animation & Compositing
Quba Michalski

Bora Sübakan, DEPOgraphy

Character Design
Meni Tzima

Character Animation
Cave VFX

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D