Everyday Robots

Everyday Robots

This project has quite a bit of history behind it. It came to life as a concept way back in 2004, but its development was constantly halted by various commercial projects.

For a while it was considered as a candidate for one of the S'NEK fillers, but in the end "Everyday Robots" returned to it's intended purpose - a short imago promo.

The everyday robots were constructed out of public-domain images of everyday objects. In some models the objects share the same theme, in others they are completely random. A total of 5 robots were originally created, 3 of which made it to the final piece.

In order to achieve a perfect sync between the audio and video, the two have been constantly bounced back and forth, influencing the development of one another. The final soundtrack features samples from Prof. Stephen Hawking's speech on the origins of the universe.

And keep in mind: Everyday robots can be made by anyone. Pick couple of soda cans, glue them to a pressure gauge, stick a bunch of pencils to support it on the ground and finally tape everything to two F-16 jet wings and you have your own mechanic fly!


Everyday Robots




Concept, Design & Animation
Quba Michalski

Dağhan Kök (Retronic)

Photoshop, After Effects



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