Snow Valentines

Snow Valentines

On February 13th, 2005 a huge snow storm hit Istanbul. It transformed this loud and chaotic city into a silent, white, postcard-like place. The traffic stopped and all business shut down. Staring at the snow falling down outside our windows, we decided to use this opportunity and to create a digital postcard for St. Valentine's Day. We had less than 24 hours to do it and Jack Bauer was nowhere to be found.

We snapped some photos on the roof and and in front of our studio, gave a call to our musician, and started animating.

We made it on time, with few hours to spare. It gave us just enough time to setup a mini-site at hosting the video and the extended version of the theme song in MP3 format.

After sending the press release and publicizing the new video on the web, we were completely exhausted and slept through the entire St. Valentine's Day.


Snow Valentines
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Concept & Design
Çiğdem Keresteci

Animation & Additional Design
Quba Michalski

Ferit Özgüner

Photoshop, After Effects



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