Şölen: Bayram

Şölen: Bayram

We were asked to create a 23 second ad for Şölen – a Turkish candy and chocolate company. We were given three weeks to produce a set of three videos (each for different product line) and the general guidelines regarding the current style used by the client’s ads this season.

With the storyboards approved, we contacted Onur Senturk, whom you might know from his independent pieces such as Nokta or TRI▲NGLE. Onur took care of animating the ribbons, while I did the colors, particles, light fx and all that extra shiny-sparkly stuff. Leo Burnett – agency for this project – provided us with the 3D renders of the products and the audio track.

The compositing of this project was quite a nightmare, but eventually we pulled through getting the final cut just one day before the air time.


Şölen: Bayram
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Leo Burnett

Directed and Animated by
Quba Michalski

Additional 3D Animation
Onur Senturk

3D Max, Photoshop, After Effects