SunIch: Purely Fruit

SunIch: Purely Fruit

This project was our first venture into the world of slow motion demo shots, and a pretty successful one at that. It’s been shot over the course of 24hrs on Phantom HD and edited in imago's standard After Effects environment.

We're particularly happy with this commercial, since we had full creative control over all of its aspects. From concept and creative direction through directing the shoot, to post, vfx and music – we were able to execute the project precisely as we imagined it. In fact the final result is nearly 100% identical to the first storyboard-based animatic, originally pitched to the client.

Quite a bit of heavy-duty compositing went into creating the final look of the ad – some of the scenes are composed out of 3 or 4 separate shots. If you cannot see it – it means we did our job well :)


SunIch: Purely Fruit
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Bed and Breakfast

Production House

Directed by
Quba Michalski

Editing & VFX
Quba Michalski

Director of Photography
Nick Sawyer

SFX Supervisor
Kaan Hanoglu

Omer Ahunbay / Jingle House

Executive Producer
Elif Neylan Levent

Creative Director
Quba Michalski

Photoshop, After Effects